Grain Dryers

Panford Ltd offer a complete

installation service from design phase right through to commissioning. 

All Equipment is manufactured to the

highest standards for reliability and long life.

Our double column continuous flow dryers are manufactured from 6tph - 120tph 


Standard features include:

  • Galvanised construction for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Reserve section and hopper
  • Discharge hopper
  • Horizontally mounted three stage stainless steel combustion chamber giving clean burning and easy maintenance, complete with ducting up into dryer sections.
  • High performance fans fitted with high attenuation silencers complete with centre pods for extra noise reduction. 
  • Control panel with safety features, incorporating automatic discharge control. Full PLC and SCADA plant controls available.
  • Compressor and discharge pneumatics.
  • Pulse discharge ensuring even flow of crop through dryer.
  • Adjustable cooling.
  • Adjustable airflow through dryer for different crops.
  • Access ladders and service platforms.




Our unique design features include:

  • The horizontally mounted combustion chamber ducted up into the dryer column (which we have found gives the most even drying).
  • The pulse discharge arrangement
  • The large High Pressure Fans.
  • The holding capacity per section.

This ensures that our dryers are particularly suited for the drying of malting barley, milling wheat and seed, where very accurate and even drying are essential for good germination and gluten results.