Grain Conveyors

about our conveyors

Our conveyors are manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised steel sheets and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

  • The drive is through a geared motor, chain and sprocket arrangement.
  • Intermediate sections are available in lengths of 625mm, 1250mm, 1875mm and 2500mm. A continuous return chain support runs down the complete length of the conveyor.
  • Easy tensioning of the chain takes place at the tail.
  • The chain comes complete with self cleaning flights at 2m intervals.
  • The standard product range is from 20tph to 250tph, based on wheat (772kg/m³) at 15% moisture content, wet based.
  • For the conveying of fragile products, eg. peas, feed, nuts etc., enquire about our range of belt conveyors.
  • Advice is given on our conveyors to all of our customers so that they purchase the correct one to suit their needs.


Optional Accessories

· Top cover for indoor and outdoor installations.

· Intermediate outlets, manual or automatic.

· Overload protection—Bottom Linear Plates

· Double deck flow and return models

· Variable speed for volume control