Grain Elevators

about our elevators

Our elevators are of heavy duty construction. The head section can be split in two and the top section removed for easy access and fitting of the belt. An inspection leg with access from both front and the back is fitted as standard. The booth comes complete with two clean out doors and a simple belt tensioning mechanism.

The standard product range is from 20tph to 250tph, based on wheat (772kg/m³) at 15% moisture content, wet based. For the conveying of fragile products, eg. peas, feed, nuts etc., the belt speed can be reduced to avoid product damage.

 Our advanced range is capable of conveying up to 850tph e.g bulk unloading and weighing systems.

Unique design elements 

A standard inlet connection can be fitted on either side of the booth. The belt pulleys are of the serrated self cleaning type preventing grain build up between the belt and the pulley and results in greater belt grip. The belting used is of a high grade multi-ply polyester rubber belt.

The standard drive is ‘v’ belt drive up to 60tph giving smooth acceleration and minimum of maintenance. Geared motor drives are fitted on all larger models. (Note: geared drives can be fitted on the smaller range if required).

optional accessories

Inlet Control Damper
Belt Slip Monitor
Access Ladder and Hoop
Service platform
Spark Arresting Buckets
Back Stop
Hard Wearing Plate
Elevator Stop Detection